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Nice post. And what a question - what can you take away from ds106?

For me -

* a powerful and supportive learning network
* "make art, dammit"
* more confident blogging and public speaking (that latter an amazing takeaway for a stammerer
* this stuff is supposed to be fun :-)


In the OU context, the challenge is to move seamlessly from the personalisation of cottage industry to quality at factory-industry scale.
Traditionally, the OU has been able to achieve this by making a huge investment in quality at the outset - the founding VC, Walter Perry's mantra was "never compromise on quality". But that investment is threatened in the current climate and may always be under threat for the foreseeable future.
Distance education in the blended learning mode favoured by the OU is expensive and can only work by exploiting economies of scale. But innovation requires risk and experiment, so a tricky balance to achieve...

Scott Leslie

As always Martin, appreciate the reasoned middle ground you manage to find. Appreciate the Chris Anderson example you pointed to, as he too indicates "acting in the open" as a key catalyst for this kind of scale to happen.

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