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I downloaded a PDF of your book via a #Change11 link, so I could read it on my iPad

Rohny Lee

It is not even funny - author who can get the PDF copy of his own book only via the "pirate" torrent site. Have you asked your publisher about PDF version?


@Ronny - I didn't mean to disparage my publisher, they've been great (they released it under a CC license after all). I didn't ask them for a copy to be honest, I'm sure they'd have given me one. It was just quicker to go to LibraryPirate - and that is one of the advantages of it being open in the first place.

Cristina Costa

Open, open, open.

I still can't believe we pay to work when it comes to academic publications. that's how I feel. I review papers for free, I write papers for free (still haven't managed to write a book - still fighting to finish a dissertation :-) - and then potential readers are asked to pay to have access to it. I will be too when my institution doesn't subscribe to it.

A bit ridiculous. I have never this kind of business model anywhere else!!!

BTW - I had the option not to buy your book (as I could have downloaded it) but I did. I love books. So that was one reason. The fact that you made it available online for free made me want to buy it even more! Respect. Thanks for setting the example. I shall follow you as I am committed to go the open access route.

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