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John Connell

Hi, Martin - this got me thinking. After a couple of months on FB, I've become a bit bored with all the fairly trivial stuff that goes on in there - the invites to be a pirate or a vampire, the slightly pointless compare-yourself-with-your-friends type of application, etc etc.

I tend (I hope politely) to ignore these whenever they come my way.

But! I keep going back into FB, and you are right: it's for the updates - and also increasingly for those who are starting to use the FB messaging in place of email. I still prefer 'real' email though (for the moment).

Twitter is sparse, austere almost, in comparison with FB - I quite like that.

As you say, it will be interesting to watch the contest, and, of course, to hedge my bets in the meantime.


To pick up another post, I wonder if the trivial stuff allows users to establish different levels/types of friendship? I should think it's very rare for somebody to have a set of friends who all take part in exactly the same subset of possible social activities, on- or offline.
But being interested in what a friend is doing at the moment (status updates)is almost axiomatic of friendship, isn't it?


Oh, & I don't use Twitter because I still think of it primarily as something you do from your mobile phone, & I don't get out much ;-)
If I'm going to socialise via the web, I may as well do it from a one-stop site, & that's what Facebook offers me.


I've been happy with using the Twitter app on Facebook and having it publish my tweets to my mini-feed.

It's not a status update, but the stupid Facebook "Eric is" would have butchered them anyways.


Blake Brannon

Thanks for the acknowledgment here. I am very happy with Twitter. I easily update it from my BB with TwitterBerry. Keeps all my fans up-to-date on my whereabouts.


The twitter application in FaceBook now has the option to update your status field. You've probably noted this, but if you hadn't ..

It has the annoying habbit of saying Eric is Twittering: Followed by your Tweet, but hey, can't win them all ..


I was looking for this! Thanks!

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