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AJ Cann

Seems to me that Jacob (who I admire, athough slightly less in the past few months) is a web1.0 kinda guy in a web2.0 world ...


Alan, yes I think that's it basically. He doesn't like all this web 2.0 stuff in his heart of hearts and keeps trying to find ways of undermining it. John Connell calls him the 'Linda Barker' of web design - http://www.johnconnell.co.uk/blog/?p=368

Dawud Miracle

Many people make a splash with something in business and then sort of stay stuck in it. Mr. Nielsen has added a wealthy of usability knowledge to the web. Yet, I think his ideas are outdated a bit.

And, let's face it, he's never been a proponent of imagery and attrative visual design. And part of Web 2.0 is about that as well.

What I don't get is why doesn't he see how many Web 2.0-based sites are using much cleaner and simpler navigation schemes - something he's been huge on for years.


Hi Dawud
yes, I think you're right - having made his name on those principles he's better off sticking with them from a business point of view. However, I think he's missed the point on a lot of this, and let's face it, which site would you rather go to - useit or facebook?

Dawud Miracle

Without a doubt, Jakob Nielsen has added added some incredibly valuable insights and practices to the web. I can't knock a guy who's books I've personally used to develop a huge number of websites.

Yet, I do think he's behind the times a bit. Where I feel he's missing users today is not in what they do, but in what they want. Web 2.0 is all about changing who has control over content from the site owner to the site user. And because of this, usability practices need to be updated.

Currently, I love Steve Krug's approach...Don't Make Me Think! Now there's a simple, user-friendly approach to creating extraordinary websites. Don't make your users think.

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