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Michael Feldstein

Remember, over 71% of all statistics are just plain made up.


I used fake stats for my live tweeted talk for the 140 Character Conference http://lon.140conf.com/schedule - I was speaking on 'the art & science of the retweet (RT)' (coincidentally enough, Stephen Fry spoke as well)

My fake stats included:

9/10 twitter users agree @josiefraser 's fake stats as useful/fulfilling as comparable poorly researched/non-referenced stats on twitter

83% of tweets about RTs will be RT'd by at least one other person

RTing tweets that stay "do not RT this" break twitter & account for 16.3% of twitter downtime

The average celebrity death generates an RT string of 5.5 people

Like yours Martin although suspect statisticians from The Institute for Cancer Caused by the Modern World would dispute the fake status of at least one of them.

Scott Leslie

"4 out of 9 people admit to having tweeted during sex" - I think your numbers here are low - how are you substantiating this claim? Citation Needed!


Is Wales, like sheep, its own plural? 83% of people don't realise that, you know. (83% of made up stats are 83%).


Turns out the answer to number 6 is actually 175 Wales. Yes, I am that nerdy. Also, I think number 7 is the one guy. He just has access to a lot of pictures of bikini ladies.


I think you need to be following @madupstats on Twitter.


Or even the correctly spelled @madeupstats


100% of people die.

Now that is the most accurate statistic there is.

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