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Carl Morris

Yes, for all of Apple's faults, there's absolutely no denying Jobs' wider impact on technology and society.

The Apple II did a lot to popularise the Personal Computer, for starters.

And yesterday I learned that Tim Berners-Lee invented the worldwide web on this NeXT computer, now in a glass case:


On Wednesday I stumbled upon a PDF on using the Steve Job's approach to presenting which I then used through the night using an iPad (while in bed of course). A Mac fan, my late father, an early adopter of everything, had an Apple II. I started with the Classic. Design and the pleasure of the thing has always been key. From an e-learning point of view the iPad is invaluable, I even read content, follow discussions and check the OU VLE on an iPhone. My brother-in-law has a museum of Macs; is there any value in that?

Joel Greenberg

Many friends have asked me how I felt about the passing of Steve Jobs, probably because I have worked in the IT field for a long time. My initial reaction was simply, how sad that someone so young has passed away. Then all of the legacy stuff started - ie I owe everything to him. Well, I was an early Mac user but I worked for the OU and I started to be given Windows PCs instead. Did not using a Mac ever since have a negative impact on my work over many years? I doubt it. Did not having Mac devices reduce my quality of life? Nope. I seem to remember having an MP3 player before the iPod and as I don't download tracks, I don't use iTunes. Hence no iPad, cuz Apple make me use iTunes if I get one. What about all those great Pixar films my kids and I love? All down to Steve? Nope. Actually, Pixar started as a division of Lucas films and Steve bought them and got Disney to put up the cash. The true genius behind Pixar is called John Lassiter.

Ironically, if Steve had made the Apple more open, we all would have had them rather than the early and clunky Windows boxes.

Conclusions, Steve was a brilliant guy, Apple kit is beautiful and I guess indirectly it has impacted on my life to the good. So RIP Steve Jobs.

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In last weeks Economist, there's a semi-decent article on reading sentiment from large masses of anecdotal data (tweets, mainly).

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