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Interesting, it's the other way round for mine: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Principles-of-Molecular-Virology-ebook/dp/B005JRH5FC/


Yes, I already did. But I still did not got it (Book Depository is not that good, ;-))

dick Moore

you could publish it in .mobi format and make it available on other sites. It's hot hard to get books pushed up onto a kindle!

See small blog post at www.toolsandtaxonomy.com or from the project Gutenberg site.

Hope sales go well.

BTW I note that the recient ecxperiment at stanford on delivering a FREE class on AI now has > 200,000 enrolments, the students however are recomended to buy the course book. See http://www.ai-class.com/ for more information


Alan Levine

I'm waiting for the kite version ;-)

Congrats Martin for seeing it through and staying the OA course. I'm hoping Darwin takes care of the DoDo pricing models.

I'll probably pony up for the cheaper dead tree version.

Carl Morris

Congratulations Martin.

Lets hope you get loads of sales and citations then. Do you have preferred kinds of citations?

Linking to Amazon seems to be the de facto for books but I'm a little uneasy about that...

Mark Power

Oh well that's just great, that is! Thanks, Martin.
I have now had to scrap my plans for a career as a professional kite flyer :(

Alan Levine

US prices are $24.26 for paperback and $57.20 for kindle. THIS MAKES NO F*****ING SENSE AT ALL- WHAT KIND OF DIGITAL WORLD IS THIS?

Worse, the paperback is not even out til Dec 6.

Publishers are crap hounds. I'll wait for the OA version.

Scott Leslie

Happy to help port the CC version to an epub or Mobi when it finally comes out...

Congrats Martin, I know its been in the works for a while.

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