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Karen Cropper

Like the metaphor!


I was suprised by a faculty meeting in which outputs from these fingers may considered 'scholarship'. The very thought has me tripping over my preferred and well practiced 'stream of consciousness' writing style, which along with typos, will not, until I know them off-heart, be properly referenced either. (But I could always get someone else to come in and do that?) Yet to blog on the Digital Scholarship debate because I am yet to create the six hours or so I feel I need to offer a substantial and substantiate response. My view remains that digital scholarship, in blog form at least, already exists. The author may not know it, and institutional free and unfunded they have no need to make a song and dance about it. on verra.

Sukaina Walji

This issue has ramifications on assessment. I am currently working an assignmment (EMA for the OU MAODE) and need to make sure I cite enough 'peer reviewed' references to meet the requirements, as blogs by academics would not be classified (as I understand it) as sufficently scholarly, even thought they can be included in the references as well. This does seem a bit false as I have spent aeons of time trawling through library databases trying to find what I need while there are a plethora of well written, argued and references material on blog sites. Perhaps my life would be easier if (some) blogs were recognised as sufficiently scholarly. However, I recognise your point about the problem of at which point does a blog cease to be a blog then.

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