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Please place your ideas in the upright and locked position.

The static reference list is certainly a vestigial organ. The other value would be in that of citation referencing, to know what other papers/books reference yours, but this is hardly enabled via the static snapshot of sanctioned formatted bibliographies (OMG he did not put the period after the title!)

References are structured information, yet are done typically in this unstructured format. I'd like to see, besides JFGI, maybe being able to link to a living reference source online.

Doug Clow

I quite agree, and have ranted similarly in the past:


Derek Jones

Absolutely - I have decided to not pursue any PhD nonsense until this is sorted.
The semantic web must surely come to our rescue soon please...


Totally agree with you all.

I think that, out of all the time (& energy) that writing a research/dissertation/thesis demands, (much!) more than half squanders in adjusting references rightly and complying with the inevitable standards of referencing - otherwise your job just isn't academic...

And I wonder:

* Wasn't there software out there (within a 'great' choice) to really give a hand on this?

* Isn't there a group of academics really concerned by this, which postulate alternative solutions for the (real!) online world?

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