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No great ideas but check with pyschologists of reading - re analysing fingerprints, bent pages etc - and check out book clubs for key authors - zealous readers musk know a lot about their behaviour - and arts/humanities students glued to set texts (especially in US institutions)- and in UK, I see them regularly on the train - and marking up the books too

To open your mind further check out Jasper Fforde! http://www.blipfoto.com/view.php?id=1003767 (recent tweet by an e-learning guru you know)


Jared Stein

Just wait until some future gen iPad or Kindle uses infrared and a webcam to track eye gaze of readers as they work through your book (or not). Book analytics explosion!


@Paul - yes after I'd posted I thought that in a way books do give some data such as a well thumbed book, broken spine, etc. But of course none of this is connected back to the author. Library loans might give some record too, but only at the macro level, not at the fine granularity that is available online.
@Jared - now that's the kind of data I want! Also 'what did people do after reading my book?' 'How many fell asleep?' 'What are their credit card details?' etc

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