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I'm glad you make the point that reuse is hard. I've thought that for ages but (probably for not looking in the right places) have not found anyone to agree with me. The idea of it needing different skills is valuable; perhaps it also needs different attitudes, e.g. a different kind of awareness of what you are attempting to achieve so that you have a better idea of how to strip down other people's constructions to fit your context.

Patrick McAndrew

Thanks Martin - luckily we *research* OER so results don't always need to be positive!
Good points and I think I could make them either way - with the challenge being to win the argument against you. Maybe we should set that up when you get back - hmm is this the modern day equivalent to challenge to a duel? (Answer: no it isn't :)).

Patrick McAndrew

You are a hard act to follow but I have had a go at a few counter arguments putting the pro-OER view in the OER debate at http://ochre.wordpress.com/2010/02/11/the-oer-debate/.

Mark Morley

Thank you Martin for publishing your original piece and subsequently Patrick for your 'counter' piece.

I've thought about this a little overnight and the one observation I'd like to make is that the emphasis seems to be from the providers' perspective rather than the consumers'. This might be tied up with the actual term 'Open Educational Resources' and what education means. If this team is re-framed to 'Open Learning Resources' then it can encompass all things that are openly available for people to use for their own learning.

I don't know if I've really got my point across here, or if it adds any to the discussion.


If you do not know how to do it
show them how not to do it.

The above articles and comments just show that.
While they are searching the truth, they are just covering the truth with a death soil .

We, Stanford and Yale Graduates , are practical managers solving the problems of any kind.

2 Stanford and Yale gentelmen solved the OER.
academicearth.org. It is a model. Just try to improve it. Do not try to find out what you can critisize . It is an almost perfect model. Let us to improve it let the people join them .
I use academicearth.org in Turkey together with local universwities to give credits and degrees using a local professor without any investment for brick and mortar and course preparation.

In very short time academicearth.org courses will be used in 145 universities and 3.000.000 students in it. Even the number of students will go up to 5.000.000 in 2-3 years through the online courses with credit of Turkish Universitiers from academicearth and similar online courses. Such as Carnegie Mellon .

Quality for OER is the most important issue. Therefore the academicearth.org had chosen the best universities in the USA. We need a little bit easier colleges ( but still good ) as well. Not everybody can go Harvard, and MIT .

Dear Martin :
Do not worry. OER not as it is but like academicearth.org is being used by million in the world. 7 billion people in the world is after it. But they just do not know about it yet.

My immediate project is also an ONLINE English OER for the world 7 billion people.
I learned in USA at Caltech and Stanford and Silicon Valley how to become innovative and own VISION .
The more you can make problems simple
the more you would become successful.
[email protected] from Turkey . I expect personel emails as well .

Lars Larsson

I find sustainability in developing hard to use complex repositories to be best anti-OER argument here. Your post was interesting to read, and I automatically read the comments. And post a comment myself.

This page didn't cost much except hours of your own work. Wasting money on developing repositories that limits access and need huge administration, often with non-existing usability, just doesn't cut it anymore when there are services like SlideShare.

Along with limited interactivity, to post comments or upload in-depth material, it's a hard idea to sell no matter the importance of the OER movement itself.

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