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Frances Bell

They sound frighteningly like learning objects;) or even web pages.


The aggregated things or the elements Tony was suggesting? If my aggregation I think more in terms of pathways. But yeah, web pages is fine.

It Support

Can I ask a really really dumb question. What is OER?

Frances Bell

Just seen your reply and I think that the productive difference between your view and Tony's is very useful if it can generate debate. I was thinking about Wenger's use of dualities in Community of Practice e.g. reification and participation, both desirable on occasions and inextricably linked. Your resuable_and_aggregatable_chunks are very attractive and could appear in pathways implemented by LTs or directly by coalface educators. The drivers behind big OERs include persistence and relevance (as well as reputation, etc.) but these are phenomenona that impact but are not guaranteed for small OER. However, for the creative educator using big OERs is a mixed blessing. For example, I was very pleased to use the Internet Detective from INTUTe and dismayed to find that JISC are discontinuing support so my reuse is limited by this and the licensing (I can't break it down and reuse it easily). My own home grown resources and activities (my own pathways in VLE or Wimba Create) contain links that need to checked/amended each year but this is within my control. In fact. it's part of the updating and review that keeps the material fresh.
I am wondering if the difference between your views and Tony's is the old "Who does what?" spat. I remember at one of my first mass encounter with learning technologists (at a CETIS pedagogy forum) I heard the word "academic" spat out out as though it were a term of abuse. I think academics and learning technologist can respect each other's individual talents not always locked into role expertise, but only if they work together (sometimes) and constantly give away their knowledge via participation and not just reified products and rules.

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