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Phil Greaney

Good post - we can learn a lot from Montaigne (his essay on not fearing death is inspirational; as is Hazlitt's)

So, if Montaigne is the Godfather of blogging, can we call Rochefoucauld the Grandfather of micro-blogging? Here's a favourite, in theme:



I don't know Hazlitt's essay, will give it a read. I suppose Wilde would challenge Rochefoucauld for that title. Neither of them really give enough info on what they had for breakfast to qualify though;)

Dougie Carnall

Nice post, thanks for sharing. The suggestion that Montaigne was the first blogger is thought-provoking. He was certainly a major beneficiary of the printing press, both for assembling his library, and publishing his works: works that were, for the first time, produced in the expectation that they would be read silently and privately, rather than while chained to desk in some monastery library. Perhaps he was the first writer per se.
One other thing: unless you read Montaigne in the original French, the "nice chatty style" you refer to is the work of a translator, who perhaps should get a little credit for that...

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