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Carl Morris

This is a classic problem with closed gardens.

See also: Apple controlling which apps are available for the iPhone and sometimes ditching them from the store without warning.

In this instance it doesn't matter if its conspiracy or error, the cause and effect is the same: Facebook's excessive control has stopped you posting what you want.

You could try posting it as a long link?

I'm trying to wean myself off closed gardens in general. The problem is that they are very often ultra-easy (less scrappy than open systems, fewer broken links, incompatibilities etc.)

This assists mass adoption of the system. Then the network effects set in and it becomes harder to find good alternatives because the closed garden becomes useful to you and your network(s).

Stay vigilant.


@Carl - yes, you're absolutely right - this is essentially Zittrain's argument in The Future of the Internet - we trade off messy, open systems for safe, convenient closed ones, but at our peril.

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