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"Students don't perceive the tools and resources they use in education as the same type of thing as they do in 'the wild' so therefore accept that they have a different experience."

The OU students I study with (as opposed to work with) make that link all the time, and they constantly use tools that I find quite marginal. For example the oU library resources are fantastic, but my fellow students will turn to Google Scholar as a first resource.

"Even the most accepting student is then going to ask of their VLE, 'couldn't this be better done in Wave?'"

Maybe you overestimate OU students' engagement with the VLE as a VLE. I think they largely just 'look at my course website'. Then they go and search, socialise, mindmap, blog, feed-read and bookmark elsewhere.

Wave might oust some of the other services they use but they'll continue 'dropping in' to their VLE as they do now.

wow gold

Project Natal as an interaction console is a great idea, if in the near future they'll implement this in school as an aide for teaching, well I guess more and more students will be participating in a discussion. It will develop social interaction and it will make subject matters more interesting. Actually, I've read an article tackling world of warcraft as a new school subject. I guess it will lessen school drop outs if that thing happen.

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