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Mark Evans

Did I detect a 'Matrix' reference in your signing off paragraph? but of course that is just me reading between the lines of your blog as if I had written it. I am one of those (sounds like a alien) who feels is missing an online identity and have yet to discover it, I have to say I am really enjoying the search to find whatever it is, no doubt when I do find it, 'it' will become apparent.
Happy blogiversary...


Dear Martin
I am really new to all the ideas you've mentioned. I find that a couple of the things that you have pointed out really *strike a chord* with me. The points about what others think of us,and the way forward with sharing ideas, I totally agree with you - I started looking at Twitter because @nogbad had told me about it (f2f) and also because he had pointed me towards Howard Rheingold. Now, Following @hrheingold on Twitter led me to the writing of Mark Elliott on *stigmergic collaboration* and so I followed Mark on Twitter too. And of course, following @nogbad led me to you and this blog (stigmergy in action!). Really interesting blog - thanks.


Hey, congratulations! Making it this long already sets you apart from a great majority of bloggers, I believe. I can't recall when exactly I first stumbled on you but I'm glad that you did and that you've kept it up! :)

Scott Leslie

Martin, congrats on the anniversary. I agree, it's about identity, digital identity. We are really at the start of this - we each understand fairly well how we "show up" in all sorts of physical and social fora, but are just starting to puzzle out what this means online, where the lines of those fora are fuzzy to non-existant and suddenly you are everywhere and nowhere at once. Anyways, Happy Blogaversary!


@Mark - it wasn't an intentional Matrix reference. We're all discovering our digital identity in a sense since it's all so fluid and new.
@Jan - hadn't come across stigmergic collaboration - you see another example of where sharing brings rewards.
@Adam - cheers, it feels like longer, I thought it was 4 years till I checked back.
@Scott - you are right, one of the things critics (and advocates sometimes) overlook is that is all so new and we are finding our way in this still. The comparison is often made against industries or practices that have been established for decades, if not hundreds of years, as if we should only attempt anything if we have the full end vision established. I guess if I am now a teenager in blog terms you must be in your dotage now?

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