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Ed Webb

Kittens are OK, since they have the necessary linguistic skills to say "I can haz strokings, Y/N?" It's the dogs (other than Cogdog, whose barks are occasionally comprehensible) I worry about. Monkeys, presumably, will continue typing and producing copy for the Daily Mail.


Why haven't The Mail made us aware of this? how can any responsible newspaper leave our children exposed to this terrible danger?


@ed - you see, it's happened to you already. Cats don't really speak like that. I will take this as scientific evidence that Brownose is correct!
@Nigel - you're lucky edtechie is on the case


I've got nothing. Seriously, I have re-read this post like 20 times and I just don't know where to begin. I do want to meet Miz Greenfield though. She would be awesome to have around at a dinner party.

Steve Evans

I don't think we have anything to fear. Since I abandoned my real social life and became a full-time digital resident, I seem to have developed the ability to communicate telepathically with my two goldfish (at least I assume that's where the voices are coming from).


I think my cat will be ok as she walks across my laptop keyboard if I ignore her for too long. And all my animals have their own Faceebook pages so they don't need attention anyway as they are too busy chatting to other animals across the world.

Alan Levine

Wow, I had no idea I was "occasionally comprehensible"- I aim for "totally incomprehensible".

This is an interesting proposition, though it is taking a lot of leaps in supposition. If the 7 hours are displacing a lot of time in front of TV, is the effect that terrible (I may be able to scratch a cat's back while glued to the tube...).

The study also neglects to account for the positive attention towards cats created by production of LOLcat pictures- it must take attention time to get those terribly cute photos.

That said, I am off to register the domain of "FurBook.com"


@Alan - you are always comprehensible, but only to those who have special high frequency hearing

Will Reader

Good post Martin, funny as always. Kind of makes my pronouncements on Susan Greenfield rather po-faced and earnest.

wow gold

I see, that's why my cat is so happy because I don't have a social life and now she's my life. ^_^

Glenn Simpson

The meaning of images is always socially produced. Images of animals will be understood in context by even very small children. If a photo is taken up close, in a house, a bedroom etc the child will identify that the animal is safe. Seeing the animal in the flesh, in this context, would not cause such hysteria. Anyway, half the images on the net are of cats and dogs! Mostly cats.

Creative Recreation

I hope everyone who visitis your blog has a good time here as much as I do.

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