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AJ Cann

Excellent. I like the idea of trying to aggregate "the space between the words".
I'll try and add some (concise) thoughts to the wiki.

AJ Cann

Oh, and I vote for #yofl.


I agree with AJ - yofl. More important that it is unique(ish) than whether it sounds better. So happy with the tag - less keen on what it expands to as why pick just on a year? Could go for "Yo Future Learning" as in "Yo Blair!" or Yet (an)Other Future Learning thing or Yippee Open Free Learning (but that leaps forward to the answer :-)).

Anyway good concept, good idea, good tag (are you thinking about a domain grab?) - and that is probably enough.

Gary Lewis

Nice idea, Martin. Thanks!

Michael Rees

YOFL is definitely more distinctive and memorable than FLY. The process of refining and distillation from wikis et al will be as interesting as the content generated. I look forward to attempting to contribute in a meaningful way.

Dominik Lukes

This is an intriguing idea. I'm particularly excited by blog carnivals.

I wonder if Friendfeed might be a useful utility for aggregation of some of the streams. Also, Ning or Wikia could serve as a potential locus of the community - both providing a few more tools than Pbwiki.


YOFL already has good search engine rankings! It may be taken to mean rolling around on the floor laughing whilst eating diet yoghurt, but I like it. :)


Is it the tool or how the tool is being used? The trick may have also been figuring out who could be part of the dialogue. Did you have twitters with some impact to get it running?

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