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AJ Cann

I'm struggling. What advantage does this approach have over setting up a Google CSE for the blogs you want rather than going through OPML? Is it the updating aspect?

Melanie Baker

Hi again, Martin. :)

Ah, I now understand what you're looking for. An ongoing resource as determined by educators that's sharable (and, presumably, keeps itself up to date without a lot of manual fiddling). Sound about right?

Bad news: we don't offer that yet.

Good news: we're working on that right now. Really! So feel free to shoot any more wishlist items our way. :)


@AJ - yes, at the mo I don't think it offers too much, but it does give you the ranking by engagement element, which provides a layer of filtering not in Google. What I want is, say, a Netvibes page showing a range of PostRank sources I have set up (eg UK, edublog, library, etc), which students can then filter by topic as appropriate. In updates regularly, and also helps filter. Maybe Google CSE also in this mix - the shift away from educator generated content is there in that solution also.
@Melanie - thanks, will keep an eye on the updates.

AJ Cann

We've found Google CSE to be a very powerful "trusted brand" with students. A nice spin-off is that you also get limited usage stats.

Sheila MacNeill

Hi Martin

Thanks for this. I think this could have potential for us at CETIS to do some more analysis of our website. Our home page is populated through aggregated staff blog posts, and it would be interesting to see what posts our "audience" are most interested in and that could help us in terms of themes and stimulus for more blog posts.




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