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Ewan McIntosh

Very nice, Mr W. Does this now mean that I have to re-read the tome with a marker in hand? I'm spotting the comparisons everywhere! :-)


If we had the digital copy Ewan you could just search for 'groups' and replace with 'tools' and that would be pretty much the sum of my argument ;)


Hmm. I'm not sure if I agree with you on the tools things Martin, I can see that generally the costs of getting something up and running as a startup, spawned off other tools and widgets, is low but that doesn't make a sustainable product.
A mashup-based site is reliant on all the individual tools to be both available and with the correct API's intact in order for it to work. If we could make failover mashups then this would increase robustness and move us into the true realm of the useful LCO marketplace without compromising.

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