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Your response set another load of hares running in my mind, so I've done a brief follow up too at http://b2fxxx.blogspot.com/2007/09/future-of-content-pt-2-follow-up.html And I still haven't come near addressing all the issues I would have liked to. :-)

Watching Them, Watching Us

@ Ray

"(Faith in the trinity is a condition of acceptance to the community. The sayings were (and indeed are still repeated and believed today in spite of the contrary developments of the past decade):

1/ In cyberspace the First Amendment is local ordinance (John Perry Barlow again)

2/ The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it (John Gilmore)

3/ Information wants to be free (Stewart Brand)"

They are still true today !

Hakin Bey's "Pirate Utopias" and "Temporary Autonomous Zones"


are still out there on the internet.

In many respects they are even harder for the authorities and commercial vested interests to control, simply due to the huge increase in the growth of the internet and mobile and other telecommunications technologies, and the vast increase in digital storage capacity in recent years.

Watching Them, Watching Us

Oops ! - It should have been "Hakim" rather than "Hakin" in the previous posting.

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