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AJ Cann

In this this brave new world of open content, we poor academics are going to have to swot up the prisoner's dilemma and remember that altruistic behaviour is based on self-interest.
Axelrod, Robert. (1984). The Evolution of Cooperation. New York: Basic Books, ISBN 0-465-02121-2


AJ - yes, absolutely, which is why I don't think altruism is the sustainable policy. But if you get something from it then it is - and what you get is 'fame' (in a limited sense), exposure to your ideas, reputation, etc. That's why we blog, amongst other reasons such as it helping develop your thoughts.

Will Woods

I'm not sure that you get true reputation enhancement through simply giving stuff away for free. Academics have historically coveted knowledge above all else and take steps to protect their rights. I don't think that's going to change over night but I do think that there will be more stuff freely avialable than before. What does that mean for those that choose to stay isolated? - Will they have a choice?

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