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AJ Cann

This fanboy (http://tinyurl.com/327nfo) is going to have to take issue with a few points in your post about Robert Scoble's comments.
The last great closed IT company? Cough splutter! Err, have you ever heard of a company called Microsoft? Have you ever had the misfortune to encounter Windoze Genuine Advantage? Have you read about Apple rolling back DRM from iTunes as far as the music industry will let them (http://tinyurl.com/2pawhu)?
Or have you fallen for Roberts Scoble's low rent linkbaiting tactics on ths blog? ;-)


Right Alan, let the blog war begin! :)
Yes, MS are as closed as Apple, but the reason I say Apple are the _last_ closed company is because I think MS's time has already passed. Apple still create a genuine buzz and with iTunes are still at the forefront, so they're still a great company. But no-one after them will be able to get away with their approach.
Re. iTunes and DRM - not sure I buy it myself, sounds like an excuse to keep things in a proprietary Apple format to me, and Apple like proprietary as much as MS.
What are Scoble's low rent tactics BTW - if I know them then maybe I can use them. You know me, I'll give anything a try.

AJ Cann

Well you got me to comment, so the linkbaiting is working! ;-)

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