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Tony Hirst

There are quite a few internal blogs too - most of the VLE strands have a blog associated with them, for example, but they are all (last time I looked) hidden behind the firewall (some may even require VPN, but you'd have to check that).

For people who read blogs through a web client that does not support authentication, this means the blogs are, from the user point of view, just websites. i.e. unsubscribable to so not worth bothering calling a blog ;-); and unlikely to be visited often, if at all...

(Which I guess implies I see blogs as public things...hmmmm....maybe i need to find an authenticating online feed reader...)

At least one course team I know of (T3, err,something) is experimenting with course team blog, but they're still all a bit wary of appearing in public without an editor, so it's behind the firewall and I can't publicly tell you the URL - though if you read the ICT phoenix confs (internal speak there - sorry) you should find it...


PS just giving a list of links as html is all a bit clunky isn't it?

Where's the blogroll/OPML feed?! ;-) Or at least pointwise/by blog susbscription link?

PPS I notice http://ouseful.info doesn't get any links in the post at all...

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