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I think you are right on with this post, and it reminds me of something Jon Udell said in his 2007 talk "The Disruptive Nature of Technology" (http://www.educause.edu/blogs/gbayne/podcast-disruptive-nature-technology-jon-udell -an amazing presentation, btw) about online identity. As a culture with media in general we are becoming more forgiving, in the US the examples of Clinton not inhaling and GW Bush Jr having done Coke habitually for a while in his life didn't disqualify them. What's more, I think in this new culture we are actually more likely to be understood as cyber-criminals during this transition thanks to staunch, out-dated ideas of property and copyright. This notion of an evolutionary moment is interesting, and the idea that the culture would necessarily have to change to adapt to the radical immediacy and reach of these technologies makes a lot of sense. I often think it is concepts like this we should be teaching and universities rather than stay off line, kid, you'll shoot your eye out.

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