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whoa, did the Ed Techie get a facelift? Seems like it, but maybe it's just been too long since I visited. Liked the slides. Interested to know - where/how did you get the stats on OU enrollments or requests for prospecti that resulted from the MOOC? I imagine that sort of number is of great interest to lots of folks looking to run MOOCs of their own out of institutional settings. Cheers, Scott


Hi Scott - one of the good things about hosting in OpenLearn was that they have established tracking across OU systems. As part of the way they justify their costs they can demonstrate how many OU registrations they get from OpenLearn (it is an effective marketing tool). So they could track if people went from the MOOC to other OU systems (we lose people who go elsewhere, but we also ask at registration what brought them there). You are right, I think this is interesting if you want to find a sustainable way of running MOOCs and if they can pay for themselves in terms of formal registrations that's a pretty good model.
And the facelift happened about a year ago, but we'll brush over that :)
BTW - the new version of labspace will be open to all to host material on, as you were asking the other day for NGOs. I'm meeting the team later, so let me know if there are specific things I should ask for

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