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Any chance of a narrated version of this? Martin. This is a great resource and a useful set of reflections to share with others.


yeah, i was being laze and short of time - will do


Not dropped off, just lagging behind and I will finish it. Hopefully there's still time to get the last badge?


Hi Jill
yes, just sent out the email. I said I'd keep checking for badges for another 3 weeks or so, and the course content stays open indefinitely. I think a lot of people are in your position so drop-out is hard to gauge - I deliberately wanted it to be that way, so people could pace themselves.


Thanks and sorry - post and email overlapped. Have enjoyed/am enjoying the course .. now back to Activity 20.


David - now with added dull monotone voice!


Not that I've got anything against the dog, but I really didn't enjoy the course.

If true knowledge rests in diversity of opinions, why did the course focus on one narrow set of opinions only, with some token disagreement, but no real alternative?

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