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There could be a market for keyboards in a typewriter style. Maybe I should learn how to make one! (Looks like someone has already had that idea! http://shop.usbtypewriter.com/ )


It'll give all the steam train enthusiasts something to do on their days off. Maybe some members of the Sealed Knot will defect. Nothing ever dies.


It will (sadly) die out. I say sadly not from a sense of nostalgia (though I do have that too) but because for some specific contexts, it is actually still the best machine for the device. Have you ever tried to output print to a form or label for which you did not have an existing template? It is a much more common task than you'd expect, hence the reason there are actually still lots of these tucked away in back corners (we even have a full on typewriter repair shop in Victoria still.)

And yes, I am nostalgic too, hence why I installed http://fffff.at/noisy-typer-a-typewriter-for-your-laptop/ recently ;-)

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