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Not too much thought at all; I would have gone for this if all it had was an extended version of The Magnificent Seven, the song that brought me back in the fold after hearing a lot of London Calling when it was all over the place.

I take it you find "Ivan meets Gi Joe" as rubbishy, for some reason I loved its silliness. If anything, on this album, you have to admire the broad brush of genres they took a swipe at.

I appreciate the effort to get back to album thinking, do more of this!


I don't mind Ivan, but it didn't make the 'classic album' cut. I'm not sure about Rebel Waltz or the Call Up on here either to be honest. Of course, it'd make a really great single album but then you wouldn't get that diversity.
The point about album thinking is a good one - I don't really listen to albums much now, most of my music listening is done while running so I select single tracks. And vinyl made a difference - selecting which side of Sandanista to play was always a debate.


It's hard to argue that Sandanista couldn't have used some selective editing, though the idea of a punk band releasing a triple album was part of the charm. I do like the dub you came up with, pretty much all of my favourite tracks from this album (which funnily is the one, along with "Black Market Clash," that I find myself singing as I walk along most often these days.)

Long live St. Joe!

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