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Scott Leslie

Interesting that you focused almost exclusively on the VCR as content consumption device, though that may be because it best reflects your experience. For me, not only was it relevant for many of the points you note, but as both a time shifting/recording device, and as a way to produce our OWN content. We would we use it to record music video shows that only played late at night, and then make mixes of these in the most kludgey of ways (put the tape at the end of the last song you wanted to keep, record the next night's broadcast and hope there was something good near the start.) And with the addition of a camera, which we were lucky to score from my Dad's office, it allowed my brother and I to make films of our indoor sock-hockey (don't ask) games, complete with narration and half-time interviews. Much like the cassette tape, I think the significance of the VCR was that it was a Read/Write medium, made for mass replication but also individual recording.


Thanks Scott - you'll see I've updated the post to reflect this. I deliberately left it out because initially because my experience of this was quite limited (a video camera was the stuff of a madman's dreams!), but even the small experience I had was, on reflection, significant in what it portended.
PS - do you still have those sock-hockey videos?

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