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My 16 month old son is currently learning to talk. Just last week he pointed at my iPhone and shouted "book!".

I don't blame him. It is about the right size and it has pictures and writing on it.

I think the more interesting question raised by your post is: what is a book?

The meaning of words evolve. I think my son may be on to something.


Hi Jose - yes I think that's right, and I'll explore it in more detail tomorrow's post. Questions such as what is a book, and why write a book reveal that we have alternatives now.

Alan Levine

Of course your book is different ;-)

The boundaries of what makes a book sure are ripe to change- hopefully it is more than an ISBN.

I like Steven Levy's definition "When you get past the pulp and glue, a book is a delivery system for an author’s vision."



Yes indeed, I like to adapt a quote from Mark Amidon originally intended to offer an alternative definition of language.

"[A book] is the means of getting an idea from my brain into yours without surgery."

Rather apt, I'd say.


@Alan - of course my book is different! Whereas most books are one idea spread over 80K words, mine is no idea spread over that range.

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