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Hi Martin,

I am looking forward to reading your new book on digital scholarship and in the meanwhile I can appreciate your “news highlights”. I found it very interesting your ‘digital scholarship resilience matrix’ and the related excercise you suggest: it is useful to think of resilience variables of different settings (and boundaries?) which digital scholarship affects and challenges. Even if just digital scholarship to a degree allows to overcome contextual factors, for instance enabling an individual researcher (in a disadvantaged context) to join a “virtual” research network or a research team to foster interdisciplinarity.
I like your focus on “the underlying function and identity which the existing practices represent”, highlighting what I intend as “primitives” of research practices, which can be shaped due to co-evolution of methods, technologies and norms.
I wander if within the notion of resilience we could also include both the capacity to create forms of legitimation of new research practices and the capacity to manage the compresence of traditional and emerging modes of knowledge production and communication. In particular I refer to Gibbson et al.’s (1994) framework of Mode 1 (traditional, disciplinary) and Mode 2 (emerging, interdisciplinary, strongly dependent from digital environments) of knowledge production and communication. According to Houghton et al. the Mode 2 supplements but doesn’t replace Mode 1:

"There are then many interdipendencies, which suggest that Mode 1 and Mode 2 research will continue to exist in parallel, and enough funamental difference to suggest that the absorbtion of either one by the other will be difficult" (p.10).

Thanks for sharing your work,

Gibbson et al. (1994), The new production of knowledge: the dynamics of science and research in contemporary societies, SAGE.

Houghton et al.(2004), Changing Research Practices in the Digital Information and Communication Environment. http://dspace.anu.edu.au/handle/1885/41581


Wow, thanks for a really thoughtful response and some good references. Absolutely we should include the legitimisation of new research practices and dissemination - much of my book is a long whinge about this :) resilience, to me, means remaining relevant and also using new technology to develop new approaches which enhance scholarship.

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