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Dammit Weller, do you have to go and express my own catchphrases better than I can?

I would go a wee bit farther on the 'out of control' part... I tend to stress the 'personal' and 'flexible' when talking to educators, but I also like the prospect of students surprising us with applications we never dreamed of. I would add that includes the right to do things we don't like. I'm reminded of my first meeting with Jon Beasley-Murray, who said he didn't want his students blogging on the UBC platform precisely because he wanted them to feel autonomous, or as he put it: "if they say something bad about me, I shouldn't have the power to delete it."

Flattered I made the cut as an outtake track at least... I suppose if I want to make the album next time I'll have to work zombies in somehow.


I'd completely missed that interpretation of out of control - yes, that's great. And to clarify it was the fickle hand of random chance that cut you Brian, not me (you were under one of the topics that didn't get selected).


I love to facilitate people getting the most out of technology - and if it means not deploying one of the big corporates 'bigger, better, faster, more' products then that is a bonus.
Adopting a "good enough" philosophy is not only time saving, it is more efficient and hence more environmentally friendly. Just look at industry - the 'just in time' model of supply has a similar philosophy and save expensive stock sitting on a shelf.

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