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hey, I like this

Dominik Lukeš

This is an incredibly important point that can apply to so many other things in education including curriculum development and teacher training.

The problem is not having for-profit enterprises (and this includes charities who often use their education efforts to generate profit) in the mix, the problem is that their version of for-profit enterprise was borne in the selfishness is good for all nonsense originating in the 80s. For-profit enterprise in education should always have the public good as the first priority and if profit can only be made at the expense of the public good, this enterprise must be excluded. See here for an example of the possible consequences: http://www.onthemedia.org/transcripts/2010/11/19/03.


Absolutely Dominik, I have no problem with for-profit companies working with education - they often do things better than we do in education. But the issue is when we hand over crucial functions to them and they see education as a cash cow.

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