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Grainne Conole

Martin that is truly truly frightening! Hope u didn't scare ur poor wife and daughter with that outfit!@


PMSL!!! Can I get one of those eco pipes Mr Future Weller? I would like to become posher and pipe-wieldling in future, not sure I could wear that mask and have a vague american accent at all....


I did scare my daughter with it! I came in the room wearing it and carried on as normal. She looked at me speechless for ages. It takes a lot to make her speechless.

Carl Morris

I almost did one, but my future self talked me out of it.

Alan Levine

That was quite, as you say across the pond, BRILLIANT. I really like the idea of doing that as a creative, visualizing exercise.

And you look ok in a beard.

Steve Bond

That's a coincidence, we did something quite similar recently:

Dominic Newbould

Martin - brilliant!
And Steve Bond's Star Trek version fabulous too.
Very informative - but strange...


@Steve - oh yours is much better. I was thinking how this is an example where a bit more effort (but not full production) above my 'talk at my Mac' approach would pay off, and I think that shows in yours.

Sarah Wilde

Stop playing and get on with some real work Weller!

John McLear

Living Legend!

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