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Cool post. I've seen many a boring VLEs and very similar things can be said of IWBs!
So now to rethink my presentation tool for next week!!

Chris Bradley

My school has used a VLE (Moodle) for three years, we are currently on 1.5 million hits in the last 12 months. I am about half way through a survey into what they like and dislike and what adaptions they would like to see to it.
Boring doesn't get a mention, colour and design do. too many clicks is in there and some seriously left feild ideas but I am impressed and humbled by how positive several hundres truculent teenagers with attitude can be.

Dominik Lukeš

I started responding here but as the reply was getting longer and longer, I decided to turn it into a stand alone blog post: http://dominiklukes.net/edunotes/educationistolearninglike

D'Arcy Norman

But the big problem with Powerpoint is that it isn't (or weren't) necessarily standard practice - Powerpoint enforces a rigid linearity in thinking, of distilling complex ideas into series of slides and bullet points. As such, it shapes communication, affects decisions and learning, and colours thought.

What similar implications might the VLE have?

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