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Alan woodley

I think there is a role for e-Conference pears here.



Actually, the metaphor is not half as tortuous as your introduction suggests, but totally stealable. I shall plagiarise it criminally. You forgot a pun about your five-a-day etc etc - work it into lifelong learning (5-a-day for the rest of your life)?
Oh, what about something about the man from del monte, colonialism, globalisation etc...

Mark Smithers

Nice post. I like the analogy. I wonder if we could take it slightly further and say that we won't care how the fruit is grown or even what kind of fruit it is as long as when it is finished it is ripe, tastes nice and that we want more.




@Sonja - yes, I think something about it's essential for a healthy diet/lifestyle could definitely be worked in here.
@Mark - I like it! Yes, we don't set out the rules for who, or how the fruit is grown, we just use what we need.

David J A Lewis

I've been at a conference where Gilly talked about the Smoothie as a metaphor for learning i.e. everyone puts in a bit of what they want to make what is for them a perfect smoothie - we also use the smoothie metaphor for our learning packs. I wonder if A.P.P.L.E. = A Pedagogic Personalised Learning Environment....sounds like a JISC project.


Just found this highly evocative article
What happens when the fruit goes off? Anyone knows that a rotten apple in the basket will spread through the rest. Bananas - when they start going black and gooey my wife adds them into walnut cakes. So from fruit to cake - transformation of learning into workplace efficiency perhaps ('having your cake' etc...) Delicious.

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