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Mark Smithers

Hi Martin,

I'm sorry I didn't really want to have to sign up to Cloudworks to make a comment. It is interesting that you mention the economic case. I was just looking at @leighblackall's blog this morning where he has a post decribing how an ROI case might be made for developing OER.
I think cultural change regarding attitudes to open resources will come from generational change, new methods of assessing promotion and the increasing tendency of would-be employers to view a candidate's public contributions before employing them.
With regard to practicing openness when the institution doesn't encourage it I would say; go ahead, be open, there will be benefits in new opportunities for collaboration externally, enhancd reputation that may possibly eventually lead to promotion or better opportunities elsewhere. In the meantime you get to feel good about being part of the biggest exercise in resource generation for the common good ever undertaken.



Mark Morley

Hi Martin,

Your post got me thinking, and I typed something out, but it turned a bit lengthy for a comment, so I posted it up on my blog http://squiremorley.wordpress.com/2009/09/17/openness-via-martin-weller/

I do have one minor comment though:
As you have the audio recording from your presentation, I'd find it useful if you made a slidecast on Slideshare of your talk, rather than having to laborious start up Elluminate. You even mention this approach at approx. the 13min mark in your presentation.

Many thanks

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