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I think it's more than 'Simply by seeing what others do, I have been forced to reflect on my own practice and improve it.' After all, academics have been going to conferences for years, and some still produce illegible PowerPoints with 20 lines of 10pt text in yellow on a green background.
With Slideshare it's important that people respond to the slideshow - not just the content, but also the presentation. (Almost) nobody ever stands up at the end of a conference presentation and takes the speaker to task for appalling slides - but people feel free to do that on Slideshare, and they then carry that practice over in to Twitter streams, so that there is discussion of the medium as well as the message.

Mike Johnson

Rebecca's right - poor media sense has a long tail. I've found that engagement is a very important variable in networked learning. Without it, the best laid plans fade and die. Bearing in mind what I'm about to say, how likely is it that your 'illegible PowerPoints' producers will ever arrive at the starting blocks of slideshare to benefit in the ways you describe?
Re. Slideshare, I have not contributed for a few reasons, amongst them:
1. I'm not ready to join yet another social network - although would greatly value (and not fear) the peer review side of it.
2. It doesnt fit well enough with my current 'discourse creation practices' - i.e. I'd have to re-purpose a lot of my work as I mainly design slideshows to have me _with_ them - i.e. in person.
3. The design quality levels of the slideshows you refer to is so high that I fear investing the necessary time for something not closely aligned to my current unending list of priority projects. To which I had better return now! er... what was the test match score again...?


@Rebecca - yes, I think some of what you say is subsumed in the other points too. It is more than just seeing, but the very act of sharing I think exposes you to what others do and makes you more reflective.
@Mike - to take your reservations:
1. I don't really use Slideshare as a social network. Some do, but for me it's really just a place to host my powerpoints for my blog, and to find others. I dont't spend much time in the site itself, so it's not necessarily the same as joining a social network, because it has a very specific content focus.
2. Sure, but with a slidecast you can add audio which puts you in them, although this does take time.
3. I don't think the design level is that high, it's something you evolve over time, and being in that space helps the process.
I'd say - you may as well put your slides up there, you've kind of got nothing to lose and you may find the process useful.

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