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Kerry Turner

Brilliant assessment! Great format of presentation - scribbling notes down as I'm listening. Interestingly enough, my daughter is studying with OU and I looked at her notes given out on using the OU wiki, and was also pleased that part of her assessments required her to collaborate on a wiki. Good stuff. By the way - where are you both placed? Somewhere in between? Or with a VLE?


Thanks Kerry - we have a VLE, but on the masters courses I like to try and push a few more experimental technologies. I think Niall and I are representing our viewpoints fairly faithfully, but what we don't really address is that we are both aware and sympathetic with the other view also.

Martin Le Voi

I think you should have stuck to the straightforward Harry Hill approach to settling an argument like this...

Manish Malik


cannot post long messgae, loving the VLE/PLE Debate

Manish Malik

Continuing the debate a new term that is begining to take meaning is Cloud Learning Environment – examples include Google Apps for Educational Institutions. This is paperless, boundary or borderless and also the control of the learning environment is with the learners and academics.

I have detailed my recent experiences and that of my students with Google Apps / Cloud Learning Environment here:


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