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Wow- fabulous concept for a site, but even better is your photo.

Carl Morris

Charming and intriguing stuff!

The black and white works well too.

sell ffxi gil

Cool site. Haha, the sign made me laugh. Your daughter is bright to disagree with it XD

Martin Le Voi

"The essential paradox is that by limiting scope you encourage creativity. "

That's what some say about Shostakovich, post Lady Macbeth and Stalin's clampdown. Well... maybe...


@Martin - yes, that occurred to me too. It'll be the justification of tyrants everywhere: 'I was doing it for the artists!'. It's also seen with censorship - when we couldn't see sexual scenes film makers invented all sorts of symbolic respresentations, now they just show it. Of course this doesn't mean censorship is justified, but on a smaller scale providing a format does help people come up with something creative within its confines. It effectively turns it into a game - what can I do with these limitations?

Nike Shox TL3

I like your new blog header/layout. The IT department at my university rolled out thin clients in our library a few months ago. There have been some software issues, but overall

they are working fine. It's been a bit of a learning curve for the students, but I think everyone is getting used to them. The library was the first installment but they're

hoping to transition all labs on campus to thin clients in the near future.We're working on a renovation as well, so this was helpful to think about moving beyond computers.


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