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Phil Greaney

There is an educational parallel here, relating to money. Students at the OU pay a lot of money for their courses (on the whole) and so they metaphorically 'boo' when it doesn't meet expectations.

Sometimes this is deserved, we suspect: some courses are better (and newer, and so on) than others. But if you don't like the fact that the literature course is less like a reading club and more like a rigorous academic discipline - start booing!

Like the footballers - maybe we need to listen more to this siren (listen more than my flippant response above implies...)

Doug Clow

The solution to the football problem is a clearly a Twitter backchannel. :-)

And taking your education parallel, we should pay attention to the existing backchannels we do have - in an intelligent way. Students have moaned since Plato, and they're not always the best placed to have insight in to what would make things better. But it is worth attending to when they say they're not happy.

Kate Sim

and following on from Doug's comment it would be really nice if they left the back channels open until after the final whistle has blown when the students know the results!!

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