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Scott Leslie

Welcome to the wonderful world of RFPs and Tenders! The only thing unique about this in my experience is the amount - £139,893? You'd think just to be cute that someone would have added ("and 42p"). Good luck!

John Connell


Are there any framework agreements existing in this broad area that you could utilise, i.e. a set of pre-approved suppliers/vendors that allows you simply to do a quick tender by approaching, say, three of them, seeking quick bids on the basis of an outline spec of some kind, and choosing one? Such a framework, if it exists, will itself have been set up using an approved EU procurement process, thereby keeping the shortened tender process within the law.

Does the OU have access, for instance, to OGC national frameworks?



John I too am divided as to my opinion on the process for these tenders. You should put an Invitation to Tender online (if you haven't done already) whilst you define the exact scope of the project to get the ball rolling so to speak.

I'll be interested in knowing how it goes from your perspective and hell I might put in a tender dependant on the scope.

Good luck!

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