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Sue Waters

It now also has the option to remove the @replies which shows a different view of your tag clouds again.

Sheila MacNeill

Hi Martin

Thanks for that link! As an even less frequent user of twitter than my blog:-) I only really twitter when I'm at conferences etc that colleagues can't get to. Will be interesting to see if this doesn't develop more filtering links etc.




Thanks for the positive comments. We've had TweetClouds.com live for less than a week and are already experiencing server overload--that's a good thing, right?

This is John Krutsch's project, and the coolest thing is he sees TweetClouds as just a spring board for visualizing and mashing up all types of information. He's already got one sweet variation that we're testing out this week.


Very very interesting.

Can this be used on other content too ?


The latest v. of TweetClouds.com came out today, and it can mash-in your del.icio.us tags with your Twitter stream. You can also do 2 word phrases (based on frequency, currently) and toss in your own stop words.

I'll be working on a stop words modification in the coming days to meet some of the needs Martin has suggested, as well as others.

There are a few other really fun things in the works for TweetClouds as well--and some ideas that go beyond Tweets--but I don't want to spoil any possible surprise.

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