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AJ Cann

Ze Frank (http://twitter.com/zefrank) is currently into Twitter in a big way:

Twitter with its bizarre/random limitations and restrictions is a retreat for those craving fuzziness? A cave? Like in Plato's cave, maybe, but here the shadows are 140 characters long.


Alan Levine

Ahhh, I like this reframe! Still mulling it over, as there are going to emerge other types.


Interesting types - similar to wikipatterns in some ways - although there isn't the same learning curve to twitter so less likely to occur, one other type is not about following people at all - but following - things - your path to enlightenment e.g. innertwitter( http://innertwitter.com/), colour (re Mashable this week http://mashable.com/2008/03/19/twitter-color-wars/), news / politics / emergency response / language learning etc

Barb in Nebraska

Interesting post! I find that I have 3 different sets of followers. They are people in education, people who are Catholic and people who just look interesting. Twitter is just fun and I have learned so much with this new tool.

Lisa Thumann

I fit into that "Wide Peeer Network" - I'm using Twitter to communicate with other ed tech colleagues and increase my personal learning network - it has been priceless and has been a wonderful gateway into communicating with the collective brilliance of ed tech specialists I meet at conferences. An added bonus has been to guess WHY some of the non-ed-tech people that follow me, follow me.


I pick and choose whom I follow on Twitter because I don't want to be distracted by noise and I use it to build relationships.

I both socialise and learn via Twitter, so I weed out feeds that feel like spam or are so personal as to be irrelevant to all but an innner circle of that person's friends.

I don't feel I could truly follow hundreds nor would I want hundreds of followers. For me, it would dilute the value of Twitter has to build relationships.

Chris Lott

Good stuff. I am interested in the diverse ways people and communities make use of Twitter. I didn't see the categories in the original study applying to me or most of my Twitter group (and said so when I posted that link to del.icio.us)... your conception makes a lot more sense.

I'm slowly working on a paper about how different users and groups use Twitter and the asymmetry of the communication is of major importance (obviously).


Nice article. I like to think of myself as a selective interaction type, but not nearly enough time in the day to tweet and reply. By the way, I see you are a twitterlights user, I'm adding some information about that at our blog.


There is another category of use you might want to add to this list and that is using Twitter for certain events or purposes. For example, I only use twitter at conferences to follow activities and find out what presentations or resources other conference goers are enjoying or find worthwhile. Sometimes I use Twitter for a teaching activity that may last a week, or be several weekly activities over the semester. But other than these specific purposes, I don't use Twitter.

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