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I've been having problems with RSS feeds too - weirdness in the RSS world isn't confined to you.

It does point to the need for feedback loops though - the stuff that's turned to custard for me is on a page showing twitter feeds (for folk new to online stuff) so I don't go there often enough to check it's hanging together.

Peter Miller

Whimper is an alternative to Twitter, is it? Not heard of that one... (ok, sorry but couldn't resist).

Doug Clow

Not everything owned by Google is pure perfection then, eh? :-)

Sean Scannell

I am seeing the same "Jumping Monkeys" issue in another blog I follow - "deal architect".

In Google Reader posts from "Jumping Monkeys" are present - but not at the actual blog at http://dealarchitect.typepad.com/deal_architect/

Scott Leslie

pheew, always glad to get confirmation from the outside world that my hallucinations are *shared* ones. For a moment there your feed had me worried...

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