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Most instituions have faculty making these choices or IT staff making these choices. At my instition the IT people make the decisions and faculty follow (like cats). We can't trust the IT folks to implement products from vendors well. How could we ever trust them with open source support/decision making/programming?


3.5 for me

great post :)


Fun, apt analogy, though it would be fun to hear/compile arguments from folks on 1 & 2 as well.

Unfortunately, folks in group 1 often discredit themselves almost as their raison d'etre, making any arguments they do make immediately subject to scrutiny.

And, as Greg says, that "We can't trust the IT folks to implement products from vendors well." which makes any chance of hearing a well-formed argument from folks in group 2 less likely (at least the folks in group 1 have PR who can articulate their position in logical [if often unsound] language).

Me? I'm probably 2.75, but then again I'd like to think I'm open to ANY solutions that will serve the different "populations" that are considered.

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