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Sue Waters

Interesting this conversation about the 10 commandmants. Beth Kanter wrote a post about it on 5 January (http://beth.typepad.com/beths_blog/2008/01/spell-my-twitte.html) and Phil dropped past and responded to my comment. This is his response to The sixth commandment "("Thou shalt not forget that the question being asked is “What are you doing?”) was really aimed at the people making long statements across multiple tweets. I break this one all the time, I often just write what I'm thinking, or write something funny....perhaps I should drop that one? " Worth checking out Beth's post to read the comments from her readers.


Thanks Sue - I do subscribe to Beth's blog but had missed that post. Re. Phil's classification, I think I'm both a twit and a bit of a twerp - I do tweet about some new blog posts (I was really reluctant to do this initially), but I saw others doing it, and figure they may be of interest. I think this is okay as long it's not _all_ you do on Twitter.

Sue Waters

The unfortunate thing with twitter is that there is a lot of people now that don't use the Feed Readers and are only accessing posts through links in Twitter. So my thoughts are we have to put our links in twitter. Hope the bug has gone from your house and you are all feeling better?

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