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Perhaps this disaggregation of communication is not as difficult to manage cognitively as we once thought and actually allows each medium/tool to be used to its best advantage.

I was with a f2f group today and asked them to look at this post to see what they made of the world it describes (http://lccspring.pbwiki.com/Week%204). Reflecting on their response and then my response to their response and also the whole FB thang I've started to wonder whether or not we're simply trying too hard. In my very non-scientific sample of 14 3rd year UGs a couple don't use any SNS and a few are FB-addicts with high triple-digit friend counts and a habit which means they can't walk past a screen without logging in. But even the addicts seem to be mainly using it as an SMS service which also allows photo sharing. So even if I'm presented with an all singing, all dancing comms suite such as FlashMeeting if all I want to do is send texts..... Need we worry about which tool is being used to its best advantage or should we go back to looking at what people want to do? A Ferrari is no use if the job is delivering coal.

BTW - The whole post really helped those who haven't strayed far from FB to see a wider and richer world of digital communication. If I send you next week's lesson plan now........? :-)


So you're responsible for all those hits from the wiki Nigel. Is this an open course?
I think you're right about trying too hard - at least in the sense of thinking (and prescribing) what each tool can do. If you take an organic approach this stuff just kind of falls out. I love Flashmeeting, it's just right for certain types of meetings I need to hold, and it doesn't require a two hour introduction to use.
If next week's lesson is on Spurs.


Yup - the wiki is part of the course. We build it each week and the students keep a reflective blog. It's something I do for LCC (http://www.lcc.arts.ac.uk/) as part of a BA Hons in Media and Cultural studies - needless to say I'm not involved in anything cultural.

I think the key question I was asked (before directing folk to this post) was "Why?". Your diagram certainly helped many to see practical application for the tools but I think our map of "have and have nots" needs an additional layer addressing "getting it and not getting it" which will include some folk using the tools as a fashion statement rather than anything else.

Three hours f2f on the tragicomedy that is being played out at WH Lane? I think not - they need a Shaksepearean scholar for that :-) Gutted about that last gasp goal on Saturday.

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