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John Connell

...and, of course, another nail in the coffin of social mobility!




Thanks John, I hadn't made the link to social mobility, but of course you're absolutely right. That social mobility hasn't changed in 30 years, is as the report says, shameful.


A report by NAICE this year (were I organised I'd cite it) suggested that over the last 10 years social mobility and the opportunities to climb out of the lowest socio-economic groups had actually declined, i.e. if you were born poor under Blair you would find it far harder not to stay poor all the way through your life.


Just to take a personal look at this, the effect of the withdrawal of ELQ funding will finish my chances of getting my IT BSc. I already have an MA in politics (which, as degrees go, isn't the most useful) and have decided to do one in IT with the OU. Although I am classed as 'well paid', I pay out a shed load of tax and NI (for which I get very little back - not that I have ever complained about that) and the rest goes on paying the mortgage on a pretty average (or smaller than average) house and bills. I am left with very little at the end of each month. I don't go out, I don't have a car and I don't drink. But I can *just* about afford the current course fees. If they are to increase 3 or 4 times, I'm just not going to be able to do it.

While other countries are increasing the reach of their education policies, we will reduce the number of people who can access education. When they got in, Labour introduced tuition fees for first degrees and now they're withdrawing support for second degrees. So much for helping people to help themselves.

Thanks for everything... Idiots!


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